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Get mortgage fit for 2021

Estimates suggest that well over one million borrowers have lapsed onto their lender’s default standard variable rate (SVR). Has this happened to you? If so, now could be the perfect time to consider a remortgage, to get your finances in good shape for the year ahead.

Do you know your mortgage rate? If your current tracker, fixed rate, or discount mortgage deal has ended, you are likely to be switched onto your lender’s SVR and could be paying way over the odds, perhaps without even realising. It has been found that borrowers on an SVR could save an average of £1,602 a year, that’s over £133 every month!

Sound familiar? Even with a potentially sizeable saving to be made by remortgaging, it’s surprising how many people just stick with their SVR. Why is that?

“I didn’t realise my mortgage deal had ended” - your lender should have let you know, but always remember to make a note of the end date of a new mortgage deal so you don’t forget.

My lender contacted me, but I didn’t understand”- mortgage jargon can be confusing, but it pays to check out important mortgage correspondence.

“It’s too much hard work to find a new deal”- it’s true that the mortgage market can be bewildering as there are so many deals to choose from. That’s where we can get involved – to help find you a suitable deal. You can then choose what to do with any savings made!

Time to remortgage? It’s important to regularly review your mortgage. Particularly now, when mortgage rates are at record low levels, it makes sense to consider your options to see if you can get a more cost-effective mortgage deal.

Are you still covered? If you’re thinking of changing your mortgage, remember to review your protection policies at the same time - especially if you don’t already have cover in place, or your circumstances have changed since you last reviewed your cover. To discuss your remortgaging options and to see if you could save money, please get in touch. Rest assured we are here to help if you have any questions about your mortgage or your protection requirements.


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