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It’s time to think about life insurance

It’s time to think about life insurance

If you have dependents – people who rely on you financially – then you should have life insurance. In fact, if you have dependents and don’t have life insurance, you are exposing them to grave financial risk.

And who would want to do that?

Life insurance tends not to feature on ‘to do’ lists because it makes us confront uncomfortable questions, such as what would happen to our loved ones if we were to die unexpectedly in the next few years.

However, we all carry a deep responsibility to ensure those we leave behind at least have sufficient funds to carry on with life if we’re no longer around. That means putting plans in place to address unpleasant possibilities.

Types of life insurance There are two main types of life insurance. The one most people need is ‘term’ insurance. This pays out if the policyholder dies within a stated period – the ‘term’. The other type – ‘whole of life’ insurance – pays out on your death, whenever that occurs. This is more of an investment vehicle th

an a financial protection plan and is typically used for estate planning.

Dealing with debt Term insurance pays out money that can be used to clear debts such as a mortgage, lifting a huge financial burden and enabling your loved ones to stay in the family home. It can also provide for day-to-day living

expenses – everything from groceries to utility bills, and from school and university fees to family holidays.

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